About the factory

About the factory



Tesla Sports Nutrition has established itself as the fastest growing supplement manufacturer and distributor in the European Union, by supplying our goods in over 30 countries just one year after the relocation of our factories

Packaging & Marketing:

Tesla Sports Nutrition is delivering the highest quality products in the industry. Compromise is not an option. During the selecting process we provide the finest ingredients for you. Our packaging is exclusively designed to represent the brand to its rightful place where it belongs. All the marketing materials, including labels, ads and website are available in various languages for our customers’needs and convenience according to requirements of different countries.

Delivery Time:

Our factory has an extraordinary production time. Our freshly produced goods can be picked up from our warehouse and shipped to anywhere in the world within 6 working days. Thanks to the brand`s success our factory is working in two shifts a day (with 16 hours) 6 days a week.