Eva Rusan

“You either give it all,
or you shouldn't be doing it”


Height:172 cm
Off-Season Weight: 72 kg
Competition Weight: 62 kg
Started Training in: 2004
Best Deadlift: 100+ kg
Best Squat: 100+ kg
Favourite Dish: Everything I make tastes great ;)
Favourite Drink: Protein drinks-what else!
GYM: Play Fitness
Profession: Personal trainer, competitor, IFBB Judge
Trainer: I am my own boss
Idols: My idol is my future self ☺


Best Results: Arnold Amateur Classic champion


I don't have a preset diet plan though I am always strict when I make one. Cheating and/or missing a meal just won't do during my prep period. A lot of people may say that they stay clean with their meal consistently but how many of them can truly vouch for it? I know I can beacause I'm smart enough to let my body rest during the off season when I will endulge myself with a couple of „normal meals“ – but as is the case with training - go time is go time, and I never give up on it.

Eva Rusan


What is your Training Method?

I train by myself or with a training partner- it depends on my mood. But my mood won't inflict the quality of my training sessions. They are always brutal and stimulating. I know it's a process that needs to be done not only with muscle effort but with brain too! So I never overdo it at the gym. Rest assured though, I leave nothing in the tank. When I train – I train, there are no long brakes, no chatting, no phones, none of that. Work is work and this is what I do!